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Blue Octopus has developed a curriculum surrounding 16 fundamentals of sales. We can help you quickly focus on one or two components – or master all sixteen. Contact Drew at drew@blueoctopusllc.com for more information about assessing your sales team, analyzing your sales strategy, or working with him to coach and mentor your sales force.

8 Components Surrounding the Sales Funnel:

  • Targeting: The #1 component of lead gen for any company is taking aim at a very specific audience.
  • Cold Calling: We’ll help you avoid it.
  • Warm Calling: Design your Fundamental Questions and use the data and your network to sell faster.
  • Qualifying: Create the 5-10 questions you need to ask every time. Get the prospect to say Yes or No.
  • The Pitch: Learn to share better stories to pique your prospects’ interest.
  • Meetings: Presentations and your delivery method can be better. It’s time to sharpen your tools.
  • Budgets and Proposals: Budget parameters must be discussed early. Proposals must be unique.
  • Closing: Your sales team needs to learn and hone this skill. If they don’t, they are being underutilized.

8 More Components to Faster Sales Growth:

  • Data: How do you mine your data? Is your sales CRM being maximized and are the task lists being used?
  • Metrics: All the historical statistics surround sales activity should be measured and analyzed.
  • Creativity: Salespeople need to do more than just make phone calls and send emails.
  • Persistence: Your sales force must have urgency and press to move sales forward.
  • Teamwork: Are you selling to multiple decision makers within every prospect?
  • Listening: Ask questions, keep your pitch brief, and listen, listen, listen
  • Jedi Mind Tricks: The non-verbals of sales can double your chances of making a sale.
  • Authenticity: You better be real and they better be having fun! Sales people can than win if their heart is in it.

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