Blue Octopus is all about helping your top-line sales. We believe that the #1 aspect of growth is having a great sales force and executive team. The multiple arms of Blue Octopus recruits the best sales & marketing executives, sales representatives, inside sales people, social media experts and general marketing talent. Our focus is on high-character, driven, intelligent, adaptable and enthusiastic professionals that can move your business forward. If you need a sales or marketing star, we can help.

Blue Octopus also offers business development coaching and consulting services. Led by Drew Schmitz, we’ve created a sales curriculum and coaching model that combines the best training that you can find today. If you need assistance with examining your sales & marketing strategy, an assessment of your sales team, a speaker for your next event, a one-on-one sales coach (ongoing or temporary), or sales training for your leadership team, Drew can help.


It’s time to grow faster.

Better sales recruitment.

Better sales coaching.

Better sales.